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    BKSCMC series dry magnetron reactor

    Product use
    The MCR series magnetron reactor is mainly used in 6-35 kV power systems. According to the automatic controller sampling of reactive power of the power grid system, the thyristor control angle of the magnetron reactor is automatically adjusted, and the winding DC current size is changed. Control core saturation, achieve continuous adjustable reactance value, Thus, the compensation effect of reactive power(series response time 100 MS ~ 300 MS) is realized. The magnetron reactor has the ability to increase the power factor, reduce the network loss, prevent the grid system from oscillating, improve the transmission capacity of the transmission line, improve the voltage stability ability of the grid, limit the system's power frequency voltage increase and operation over voltage, and achieve a stable system voltage. Therefore, the MCR type magnetron reactor is widely used in power grid substation, wind power station, electrified railway substation, coal mine, smelting, rolling steel and other industries. The MCR type magnetron reactor is an ideal dynamic reactive power compensation and voltage adjustment equipment for high and ultra-high voltage power grids. device.
    Product characteristics
    1. The MCR type magnetron reactor can adjust the inductance by changing the magnetic conductivity of the core core of the ferroelectric reactor by DC partial magnetism. It forms a dynamic reactive power compensation system with fixed capacitors, automatic controllers, etc., and achieves no stage adjustment of reactive power compensation capacity. The effect of reactive power compensation is optimized.
    2. To increase the power factor of the power grid, the power factor can reach the requirements of 0.9 to 0.99; And reduce the network loss and reactive power loss, energy saving and power saving, suitable for the power system large network damage very serious users.
    3 Eliminate harmonic pollution, improve the security factor of the grid system, improve the voltage stabilization ability and transmission capacity of the grid.
    4 Stabilizing endpoint voltage(to prevent it from being too high or too low) improves the life of Transformers and power lines and other electrical equipment.
    5 For the expansion of users, the installation of MCR type magnetron reactor dynamic reactive power compensation device in many industries can achieve 1.2 to 1.5 times the expansion capacity, greatly saving the expansion expenditure.
    6 MCR type magnetron SVC dynamic reactive power compensation system is cost-effective, compared to the domestic TCR type SVC price is 1/3 lower, only 40 % of the imported TCR type SVC price.
    7. The magnetron reactor adopts high quality Silicon steel sheet, glass wire thin film wire, high quality insulating material and advanced vacuum epoxy resin pouring process to ensure various electrical properties.
    8. The reactor uses computer software to optimize the design technical performance parameters. The performance indicators meet the requirements of the national and industry standards and the needs of users.
    9. High quality insulating film and epoxy resin are used as the main insulation, and the coil insulation performance is excellent; The coil is provided with a cooling channel or fan cooling, so that the core of the reactor and the coil temperature rise low, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the product.
    10. Magnetron reactors are characterized by compact structure, small loss, low temperature rise, low noise, small size, light weight, flame retardant, moisture resistant, and simple installation and maintenance. And meet the requirements of non-oily(non-polluting) substation, distribution site use, is an ideal product for energy conservation and environmental protection.
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