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    Epoxy pouring iron core series reactor

    The CKSC dry core series reactor is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage of 6 to 35 kV power systems, and is connected in series with high-voltage electrical containers(groups) as an effective way to suppress high-order harmonics, limit gate inrush flow, and operate overvoltage., It plays a good role in the safe operation of the capacitor group, improving the voltage waveform of the power grid, improving the quality of power supply, and the safe and economical operation of the power grid.
    Product characteristics:
    Safety, fire resistant, environmental protection and no pollution, can be installed directly in the load center. Imported epoxy resin, the product has high mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance, low local discharge power, high reliability. Small loss, low noise, no maintenance, simple installation, energy-saving effect is obvious. It has good moisture resistance and can operate in high humidity, such as in tropical areas and other harsh environments.
    Implementation standards:
    JB/T5346 -1998 "Series reactor"
    GB/T10229 -1988 "Reactor"
    DL/T462 -1992 "Technical conditions for ordering series reactors for high voltage shunt capacitors"
    IEC 289-1988 "Reactor"
    Conditions for use:
    1. Environmental temperature: the maximum temperature around the reactor is 40 °C, the minimum temperature is -25 °C, and the average annual temperature is 20 °C;
    2. Relative humidity: The relative humidity of the reactor is less than 50 % at 40 °C and up to 90 % at 20 °C;
    3. The altitude does not exceed 1000M;
    4. There is no harmful gas, steam and conductive or explosive dust in the air at the installation.
    5. Any other content that exceeds these technical conditions shall be handled by the technical department in consultation with the user and noted at the time of ordering.
    Notice of Order:
    The following parameters and technical requirements must be provided in writing when ordering:
    1. System rated voltage;
    2. Capacitor capacity;
    3. Capacitor end voltage;
    4. Electric resistance;
    5. Work frequency pressure test level;
    6. Entry and exit mode(double-sided qualifying, single-sided qualifying);
    7. If there are other special requirements, make them clear.
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