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    Oil immersion type iron core parallel reactor

    Product use
    The BKS series oil-impregnated parallel reactor is suitable for high-voltage parallel circuits in power systems of 35kV and below and high-speed rail power supply systems. It transmits perceptual reactive power through the main variable system to compensate for the capacitive current of the transmission line and prevent the voltage at the light load line from increasing. Maintain the voltage stability of the transmission system, improve the power factor of the power system and save energy. This series is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.
    Product characteristics
    1. The product adopts high quality Silicon steel sheet, electromagnetic wire, insulation material and advanced variable pressure vacuum drying process to ensure various electrical performance indicators.
    2. Optimize the design technical performance parameters, and the performance indicators meet the requirements of national and industry standards and user requirements.
    3. The product is oil immersion type, compact structure, small size, light weight, simple installation and maintenance.
    4. High quality Transformer oil, high pressure point plastic cable paper and non-impregnated technology corrugated electrical insulation paper are used as the main insulation, excellent insulation performance, fuel tank for corrugated fuel tank circulation heat dissipation, so that the iron core and coil temperature rise low, product operation safety and reliability.
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