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    Medium frequency flat wave reactor

    The flat wave reactor is mainly used in the rectifier circuit to eliminate the corrugated pulsation component after rectification. According to the three-phase full-wave rectifier circuit voltage waveform, the pulse frequency of the flat wave reactor is 300 Hz.
    The rated current and rated inductance of this series of products are designed according to the needs of the Z2 series DC motors. Both the pulsating components that limit the current and the continuous current are considered. Various inductance values are obtained using the synthesis method. Do not allow the rectifier current pulsating component to be too large to cause redirection deterioration.
    This series of products is a core structure, mainly composed of two parts: the core and the coil. The core is generally a two-core column structure. The two core columns are composed of multiple Silicon steel discus layers, and there are insulation plates between them. Isolation, so that the core does not appear magnetic saturation, The iron yoke is a square yoke. After assembly, it depends on the tension screw to press up and down to reduce noise. This product is dry self-cooling and has two types of insulation grades B and F.
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