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    Dry hollow series reactor(outdoor)

    Commonly used types and uses:
    A. The series reactor is connected in series with the capacitor in a parallel capacitor compensation device to suppress harmonic currents and limit clogging inrush currents.
    B. The current limiting reactor is connected in series to the power system. In the event of a system failure, it is used to limit the short-circuit current and limit the short-circuit current to the allowed range.
    C. The parallel reactor is connected in parallel to the power system and transmits perceptual reactive power through the main variable system to compensate the capacitor current of the transmission line, prevent the voltage of the light load line from increasing, and maintain the voltage stability of the transmission system.
    D. The filter reactor is used in series with a parallel capacitor group to form a tuning loop to filter out specific high-order harmonics to ensure the quality of power supply to the grid.
    Product characteristics:
    1. The oil-free structure of the dry hollow reactor special device eliminates the disadvantages such as oil leakage and flammability of the oil immersion reactor and ensures the safety of operation; There is no iron core, there is no ferromagnetic saturation, and the linearity of the inductance value is good.
    2. The optimal design of the dry hollow reactor using a computer can quickly and accurately design the most ideal structural parameters(the number of coils, temperature, loss, electrical power, structural size, etc.) according to the user's different usage requirements.
    3. Dry hollow reactor is a cylindrical structure with multiple layers of winding in parallel. The polyester leads between the seals form a general air duct, which facilitates the formation of natural cooling by air convection, good heat dissipation, and low coil temperature.
    4. Multiple parallel windings using small section garden wires can significantly reduce Eddy current loss and magnetic leakage loss. Each wire surface is semi-wrapped with a multi-layer polyester film with good insulation performance, making it have a high insulation strength.
    5. The outside of the winding group is tightly sealed with glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin, and it is cured at high temperature to make it have a good integrity. Its high mechanical strength and strong ability to withstand short-term current impact satisfy the requirements of dynamic and thermal stability of the product.
    6. The use of high-mechanical aluminum star-shaped wiring frame, Eddy current loss is small, can meet the requirements of the coil number of turns. All lead lines are welded on the star-shaped wiring arm by argon arc welding, without screw connection, which improves the reliability of the operation.
    7. The entire inner and outer surface of the reactor is coated with a special protective layer against ultraviolet radiation and anti-aging. It has strong adhesion and can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. The reactor can have a working life of up to 30 years.
    8. Dry hollow reactor light weight, small size, convenient transportation, flexible installation. Three-phase vertical arrangement and three-phase horizontal arrangement are all available; Outdoor outdoor use can significantly reduce infrastructure investment.
    9. The dry hollow reactor is safe to operate and has low noise and does not require frequent maintenance.
    10. According to the user's requirements, the inductance can be adjusted, with a range of up to 50 % or more.
    Dry hollow reactor should be installed on the basis of concrete. Common installation methods include three-phase vertical arrangement, two-phase superposition and one-phase flat placement arrangement, three-phase horizontal "one" shape or "product" shape layout. Installation may take place outdoors or indoors.
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