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    Adjustable hollow filter reactor(10 kV)

    The reasons for the harmonic generation of the power system are relatively complex. The harmonic source may come from various aspects such as power or the power grid itself, and the harmonic amount is also different. The filter reactor is designed by Anzhaoxieboyuan's parameters, so it is difficult to propose a typical standard type filter reactor for the user's reference.
    Conditions for use:
    1. Place of use: outdoor or indoor
    2. Use ambient temperature: -25 °C ~ +45 °C
    3. Elevation height ≤ 1000M
    4. Installation site should be free of harmful gases, steam and conductive or explosive dust
    5. Relative humidity: not more than 90 %
    6. Maximum wind speed: 35m/s
    7. Seismic intensity: not more than 8
    8. Anti-fouling ability, climbing distance &gt; 25mm/kV
    Note: If there are special requirements for the conditions of use, please ask the user to make an order at the time of ordering.
    Notice of Order:
    To ensure the suitability of the product and to safeguard the interests of the user, the following parameters and technical requirements are requested in writing when placing an order:
    A. Name of reactor;
    B. System rated voltage and rated frequency;
    C. Rated capacity of the reactor;
    D. Rated current of the reactor(including base wave current and harmonic wave current);
    E. rated reactance or reactance of the reactor;
    F. Dynamic and thermal stability current and time of the reactor;
    G. Method of installation of reactor and angle between terminals;
    J. Limits of the installation space to the size of the product;
    I. Other special requirements.
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    Please feel free to contact with us at sales@cnshengyuan.cn, info@cnshengyuan.cn or filling up an enquiry form instructed at the bottom, You will get an effective response within 24 hours from Shengyuan sales representative.
    Thanks for your valued time with interest!

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