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    High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device

    SVG module for static reactive power generator

    Introduction to SVG Module Products
    Compared with the passive devices represented by the traditional TSC, the new power static reactive power generator SVG has a faster adjustment speed and a wider operating range, and the use of PWM technology such as multiplexing has greatly reduced the content of carrier frequency harmonics in the compensation current. The new-power SVG module is smaller than the reactants and capacitor components used by the TSC, greatly reducing the volume of the compensation device. Each module of the new power SVG can work independently, and the modularization of the power unit makes the device capacity easy to expand and maintain.
    Comparison of SVG Modules and Traditional Capacitor Electro-reactance Compensation
    New Power SVG Module
    Traditional capacitance reactance compensation
    Reactive power compensation capacity
    Gradless adjustment from capacity to rated sensibility, good compensation effect
    Graded casting and cutting adjustment, there are cases of overpayment and underpayment, the compensation effect is poor
    Compensatory capacity
    Module nominal capacity is the rated output capacity of the device, the selection of simple
    The actual output capacity of the module is less than the nominal capacity of the capacitor. It is necessary to use the formula to convert it. The selection type is relatively complex.
    Full Response Time
    Full response time is fast, ≤ 3ms
    Full response time is longer, ≥ 30ms
    Three-phase imbalance management
    Three-phase AC through the DC side connection, can deploy work
    Rate, three-phase unbalanced governance ability
    No such function
    Module units in parallel, backup each other, fault units are not shadow
    Sound machine running, high reliability
    Self-healing capacitor is easy to harmonic with the system after the tolerance attenuation
    Vibration, damage to equipment in the system, poor reliability
    Useful life
    Adopt imported electric electronic components IGBT, no easy
    Loss, design life greater than 20 years
    The capacity value of self-healing capacitor decays rapidly during use, and the general service life is 2 to 4 years.
    Features of SVG modules
    SVG module, single capacity 30 ~ 150 kvar
    Simple interface, easy connection and parallel connection
    Redundant design, high reliability of system
    It has low power consumption and small land area.
    The voltage fluctuation and flicker can be suppressed and the grid resonance can be damped
    Unique corrugated self-elimination technology
    Independent wind tunnel design, free of maintenance


    SVG module technical parameters






    Rated voltage(VAC)
    Input Voltage Range(VAC)
    Rated capacity(kvar





    Frequency of operation(Hz)
    rated current(A)





    Overload current multiples
    Shape Size/mm(WxDxH




    Line system
    Three-phase three-wire / three-phase four-wire
    Working Environment Temperature(℃)
    -25~+45℃(40℃以上Need to reduce the amount used)
    Operating environmental humidity(%)
    <95%,No condensation.
    Cooling mode
    Forced air cooling
    Protection Level
    Meet the Harmonics of Public Power Quality Grid GB/T14549-93
    Work elevation
    0~3000m(>2000m,100 m per rise,1 per cent reduction)
    Reactive power regulation range
    Continuous adjustable from capacitive reactive power to rated reactive power
    Response time
    7Inch LCD Screen/8Inch Graphics TFTTrue color display(optional)
    Smart Communications
    Modbus、Bluetooth(optional), GPRS(optional)、TCP/IP(optional)
    Reliability and life span
    Design life 20 years
    Electromagnetic compatibility
    Compliance GB7251-2005(GB/T 7261-2000
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