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    High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device

    Active Filter(APF)

    Most of the widely used loads are non-linear loads, such as rectifiers, converters, UPS, elevators, air conditioners, energy-saving lamps, photocopiers, and household appliances. These nonlinear loads will generate a large number of harmonic currents and inject them into the grid, causing distortion of the voltage waveforms and causing serious harm to the grid and all back-end users. In addition, impactful and volatile loads, such as arc furnaces, welding equipment, etc., will not only generate a large number of high-order harmonics during operation, but also cause power quality problems such as voltage fluctuations, Flash changes, and three-phase imbalances, which seriously affect the use of electricity. Efficiency.

    The NAP series active filter APF can dynamically filter out 2 to 50 harmonics in real time, effectively filter 95 %, quickly manage flash and voltage fluctuations, and have strong expansion capabilities. Filters of different capacities expand each other. This allows users to develop more flexible harmonic management solutions.
    Application area
    1.200 V, 400V, 600V, 750V, single capacity up to 3000A
    2. The fault module does not affect the operation of the normal module and can be replaced with electricity. The reliability is extremely high.
    3. Dynamic real-time filtering of 2 to 50 harmonics, effective filtration rate up to 95 %
    4. Full response time less than 10ms
    5. Better governance of flash and voltage fluctuations
    6. Unique ripple self-elimination technology, small ripple
    7. High stability and reliability, design life 20 years
    1. Electric power systems in large areas of grid harmonics, such as factories, enterprises, etc..
    2. Production enterprises using high-power nonlinear loads, impact loads(such as gas pumps, etc..)
    3. Power systems that require high quality power grids, such as hospitals
    4. Electric systems that need comprehensive compensation for reactive power, harmonics, and three-phase imbalances
    5. The original equipment renovation site or the place where it is required to be installed with the Switchgear cabinet

    Installation of layout plans

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