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    High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device

    Parallel Static Reactive Power Generator(SVG)

    Compared with the traditional SVC device represented by TCR, the static reactive power generator(SVG) has a faster adjustment speed and a wide range of operation, and it has greatly reduced the carrier frequency harmonic content in the compensation current after adopting multiple, multi-electric equal PWM technology measures.. More importantly, the reactors and capacitor components used by SVG are much smaller than those used in SVC, which will greatly reduce the size of the device. NPV, NSV series high voltage static reactive power generator SVG has such advantages, which represents the development direction of dynamic reactive power compensation device.
    The SVG of the NPV series has achieved comprehensive coverage of the power system and is widely used in different industries and operating conditions. It is divided into 200V series, 400V series, 600V series and high-pressure series according to the user's voltage level. The modularization of the power unit makes the capacity of the device easy to expand, and the independence of the module greatly improves the reliability of the entire machine.
    Application area
    1.200 V, 400V, 600V, 750V, 1140V, single capacity up to 10Mvar
    2. The fault module does not affect the operation of the normal module and can be replaced with electricity. The reliability is extremely high.
    3. Modular parallel design, each module unit can compensate for reactive power alone or at the same time
    4. Strong ability to control voltage fluctuations and flicker, damping grid resonance
    5. Using PWM interleaving technology, its own harmonics are extremely low
    6. Increase capacity, reduce losses, and purify the grid
    7. Rapid response, less than 3ms, low power consumption, small area
    1. Electric power system that needs comprehensive compensation for reactive power and harmonics
    2. Electrolysis industry using special AC voltage
    3. Low power factor area power systems, such as factories, enterprises, etc..
    4. Production enterprises using high-power nonlinear loads, impact loads(such as gas pumps, etc..)
    5. Remote areas with poor electricity use, such as rural areas, mountainous areas, wind farms, etc..
    6. Power systems that require high quality power grids, such as hospitals


    Access to the grid

    Wire system


    Working voltage


    Working frequency

    50 Hz±5%

    Compensation performance

    Compensation capacity


    Power factor

    ?0.96(Within the scope of the power compensation)

    Range of reactive power adjustment

    Continuous adjustment from rated capacitive reactive power to rated inductive reactive power


    Satisfy《The power quality of public power grid harmonic》GB/T 14549-93

    Overload Current Multiples


    Response time


    Reliability and Life Time

    A 20-year design lifetime
    Mean time between failures MTBF?75000 hours
    Mean time to restoration MTTR<5 minutes

    Control system

    Control chip

    DSP ( digital signal processor ),programmable gate array on site(FPGA)

    Reactive compensation control chip

    Reactive compensation、harmonic current compensation、negative-sequence current compensation、comprehensive compensation、constant voltage compensation

    Control power supply


    Intelligent communication

    TCP/IP GPRS Modbus


    Human Machine Interaction(HMI) with real-time display function

    Protection function

    Over-current、short-circuit、ground protection、overvoltage、under-voltage、in-put phase failure、over-temperature、control source fail、communication failures etc.

    Control link

    Fiber optic isolation、electrical connection etc.

    Structural feature

    System structure

    Integrated design,modular design and plug and play configuration

     Protection class

    IP21/IP20(Special demand may be ordered)

    Environmental condition

    Storage,  transportation and temperature


    Working Relative Humidity(%)

    <95%,No condensation

    Operating altitude



    Electromagnetic compatibility

    Conform to GB 7251-2005(GB/T 7261-2000)

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