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    High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device

    Silicon Controlled Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Device(TSC)

    The N-TSC series Silicon controllable reactive power compensation device is a new type of electronic non-contact controllable Silicon capacitor injection device with dynamic tracking compensation. The high-power thyristor is used to form a low-voltage bidirectional Silicon controlled AC non-contact switch, which can achieve a fast zero-input cut for multistage capacitor groups. In the N-TSC capacitor branch line, the appropriate inductance in series can effectively measure the technical difficulties of impact load compensation. The response time of the device is less than 20ms, and the purpose of achieving power factor compensation above 0.9 is achieved.
    1, the use of two-way reverse parallel thyristors, to achieve voltage, electric flow zero cut, no impact, no inrush and overvoltage, no introduction of transient harmonics.
    2, can three-phase equilibrium cycle, combination casting cut, but also can be divided into phase cycle, combination casting cut.
    3, adopt DSP digital controller.
    4, online parameter settings.
    5, to detect the load V, I, P, Q, COS <s> series.
    6, high switch frequency, long life, rapid response, response time ≤ 20ms.
    7, power off automatic recovery.
    8, overpressure/underpressure protection, rapid fuse overflow protection and thyristor overheat protection.</s>

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