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    High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device

    Dynamic Voltage Restorer(NVR)

    Novtium NVR uses power electronics technology. When the voltage of the system suddenly drops temporarily, NVR can quickly adjust the voltage, eliminate the three-phase imbalance of the voltage, and have an adjustment voltage deviation to ensure that the output voltage is seamlessly connected to the rating, protecting the load. Run normally.


    1.Rapid voltage dip correction;
    2.Large unit capacity (50-3600 kVA);
    3.Perfect sine degree of waveform compensation;
    4.Continuous online voltage adjustment;
    5.Phase angle error correction;
    6.Control the correction of voltage fluctuation and flickering;
    7.Excellent voltage regulation precision (±1V);
    8.Low energy consumption of itself, and smaller land occupation area;
    9.High efficiency and high reliability;
    10.Eliminate voltage three-three imbalance in the same time.

     ?Electrical structure diagra

    ?NVR device effect (common and enhancement) 

    Class common(NVR) enhancement(NAUP)
    Voltage drop Voltage left Compensation effect Lasting time Voltage left Compensation effect Lasting time
    Voltage sag
    0~90% 90%~110% 400ms 0~90% 90%~110% >3s,Arbitrary custom 
    Voltage sag
    0~90% 90%~110% 600ms 0~90% 90%~110% >4.5s,Arbitrary custom 
    voltage sag
    0~90% 90%~110% 1200ms 0~90% 90%~110% >9s,Arbitrary custom 

    ?Comparison table of NVR to traditional voltage sage produc


    Novtium Dynamic Voltage Regulator (NVR)

    Static uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

    Parallel operation-free capacity range (parallel operation may reduce the reliability)

    50 to 3600kVA

    Typically, 1 to 400kVA

    Land occupation area of installation



    Energy storage element


    A large amount of batteries required

    Power consumption of product itself

    Very low, efficiency up to 99%

    Very high, only 87-93% efficiency

    Installation of clean room

    Suitable, with many installation cases

    Not suitable, as there is batteries

    O&M cost

    Very low

    Very high, as its high power consumption, and the batteries shall be changed at each 3-5 years, as well as the continuous battery monitoring and tests

    Air conditioner


    Air conditioner with large capacity needed

    Fault rate

    Low, no power down of load occurs even the NVR fails

    High, and if the UPS fails, it easily results in the power down of load

    Power-off protection

    None, as the power down is very rare, thus it is not necessary to increase a large amount of cost and maintenance quantity for this purpose

    With, but it is necessary to guarantee all the batteries able to normally work (depend on the aging degree of batteries)

    Harmonic pollution

    Without harmonic pollution

    May produce higher harmonic pollution

    Environmental implication (green-level)

    Very slight due to high efficiency, long service life and less maintenance

    Serious, as the low efficiency and the toxic substance in batteries such as lead, acid and plastics, plus the battery treatment and cyclic utilization

    ?Product parameter



    Input voltage

    208V-480V (other voltage levels optional)

    Electric power system type


    Max. input voltage


    Overvoltage class

    Fault tolerance ability







    Output voltage


    Voltage adjustment precision




    Response time






    50-3600kVA, expansion up to 30MVA

    Overload capacity

    150%, last for 30s

    Crest factor


    Communication protocol

    Access protocol

    Ethernet interface/optical fiber/485



    Rated capacity


    Overload capacity

    150%  60s

    500%  1s

    2000%  200ms

    Switch time

    <5ms,from inverter to bypass

    <250ms,from bypass to inverter

    Working environment

    Operating temperature

    -30 to +50 (over 40℃, derating 2% for each rise of 1℃)

    Operating humidity

    <95%,no condensation


    0-1500 (over 1500m, derating 1% for each rise of 100m)



    IP grade

    IP21 or IP 23, with other IP grades optional



    8” color LCD display, used for setting and monitoring

    Touch screen

    Complete parameter display

    Voltage setting

    1% gradient adjustment


    Service life

    Design life of 20 years


    Auto bypass switching, and no system failure due to the device


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