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    High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device

    Advanced Uninterruptible Power Supply(AUPS)

    AUPS Introduction
    Voltage interruption, voltage temporary drop and temporary rise are common events that often cause faults in electronic and power equipment. When these events occur in critical control operations, it may cause the device to completely stop running.
    Novtium AUPS is an advanced type of uninterruptible power supply used to solve these problems. It is suitable for long-term offline uninterruptible power supply protection on industrial or commercial loads to prevent production equipment from malfunctions due to voltage temporary drop and interruption, and to avoid huge economic losses.
    AUPS working principles
    When the key equipment is powered, the voltage is temporarily lowered, temporarily lifted, or the power supply is interrupted for a long time. Before starting the backup generator, the AUPS immediately transfers the load to its own inverter. At this time, the battery or Super capacitor energy storage device supplies the load.
    Working principles for matching generators

    When AUPS is used to match the generator, only a Super capacitor or a small amount of backup battery is required for AUPS to be used for switching. Generators and electricity conversion can be either manual or set up with automatic switching devices(ATS). When the market fails, the automatic switching device(ATS) will automatically switch to the generator side, and the generator will automatically start after a certain time delay(which can be set according to the customer's needs) to provide power protection.

    Advantages of AUPS
    . high reliability, designed for industrial load.
    Multi-stage protection, simple circuit, household appearance products, can withstand heavy load impact and harsh environment, high reliability.
    . high efficiency, fast response.
    Efficiency is as high as 99.2 %; Protection switching time is not more than 2.2 MS; The protection time can be customized according to the user's needs.
    . superior rectifier performance, no harmonic injection
    The fourth-generation insulated gate bipolar transistor(IGBT) power device and multiple protection technology are used to ensure the absolute reliability of the equipment, advanced IGBT green rectifier technology, no harmonic injection pollution, and improve the power utilization rate.
    . Full digital control technology based on DSP, high reliability
    Using 32-bit state-of-the-art DSP(digital signal processor), AUPS can achieve extremely high performance and reliability from advanced and flexible logic algorithms.
    . Advanced parallel expansion function, modular design
    The parallel expansion function increases the capacity of the AUPS system while it is redundant and backup, further improving the reliability of the power supply.
    . Multifunctional panel with graphic TFT true color display
    AUPS's multifunctional panel is equipped with an 8-inch graphics TFT display. Through graphical display and an interface friendly menu operating system, users can easily browse input, output, load, and running parameters.
    . small maintenance, low operating costs
    Energy storage devices have high reliability, no vulnerable parts, minimal self-consumption, and a design life of 20 years.
    . no need for cooling equipment.
    Self-consumption is only 0.8 %, and there is no need to cool the forced cooling system.
    Integrated benefits of AUPS
    . Through the protection of short-term power supply, voltage temporary drop, and temporary rise, to prevent serious downtime losses, waste of raw materials and damage to production equipment.
    . avoid the use of poor power equipment, reduce plant maintenance costs, protect product quality.
    . Avoid accidents caused by voltage interruptions, data and control system disturbances caused by voltage suspensions.
    . Compared to traditional online UPS systems, Novtium AUPS devices work with only a few tens of points of electricity consumption, which greatly saves users 'electricity bills.
    . The use of Super capacitors has saved users considerable maintenance and battery replacement costs, while eliminating the disposal of used batteries and avoiding environmental pollution.
    . The working efficiency is extremely high, the equipment itself has no heat, no need for air-conditioning and other cooling systems, and saves air-conditioning hardware investment and user fees.
    . No harmonic injection into the grid, no need to invest in additional filtering equipment required for traditional UPS.
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