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    High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device

    Integrated Optimization Device for Special Power Quality(MEC)

    At present, most tire manufacturers in China have installed traditional reactive power compensation devices based on capacitors. In the actual application of the power supply system of tire production equipment, there are many problems, such as: slow response speed of reactive power adjustment, fast capacity attenuation, short operating life, easy resonance, large size of the device, and high power loss. In fact, traditional reactive power compensation devices based on capacitors are installed for high-harmonic content equipment such as smelters. Not only are capacitors often burned, but the most serious ones are to amplify harmonic currents, aging the insulation of rubber tire production equipment such as smelters, and reducing the service life of equipment. Bring safety hidden danger, increase line loss, cause power waste.
    The Power Quality Integrated Optimization Device(MEC) uses the most advanced high-power semiconductor devices(IGBTs) to generate current or voltage signals that are contrary to the system's power quality problems; A device that eliminates reactive power, harmonics, voltage fluctuations, and three-phase unbalanced power quality improvements in the system. It has many functions such as reactive power compensation, harmonic filtering, balancing three-phase current, stabilizing grid voltage, and suppressing grid flash. The response time is less than 2ms, which can solve many inherent defects of traditional parallel capacitor reactors. It can satisfy the application requirement of rubber tire industrial production equipment system.



    ?After installation

    1. 400V, 600V, 660V, 690V, and 750V, and unit capacity up to 10Mvar.
    2. Modular design, each module unit can individually or simultaneously compensate reactive power, harmonic and voltage.
    3. High control ability on fluctuation and flickering, and damp the resonance of power network.
    4. Adopt the PWM interleaving technique, with low harmonic of itself.
    5. Rapid response, less than 3 ms.
    6. Low power consumption of itself, and small land occupation area.
    7. Increase the capacity, reduce the loss, purify the power network and the energy-saving rate up to 5-12%.
    1. The average power factor over 0.95, significantly reducing the line loss of reactive power.
    2. Eliminate the harmonics, reduce the line loss of harmonics in power network, increase the voltage eligibility rate, improve the quality of power supply, and lengthen the service life of electric power and production equipment.
    3. Improve the production efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of unit product.
    4. MEC renders high operating reliability, without vulnerable parts, longer service life and greatly reducing the maintenance expenses of equipment.
    5. Save power costs drastically, and promote the operation of power network.

    ?Product parameter


    Capacity of internal mixer (with transformer)





    MEC type





    MEC capacity





    Rate voltage(VAC


    Input voltage range(VAC


    Working frequency(Hz


    Rated current(A





    Overload current multiples


    Overall dimensions/mm(WxDxH





    Working ambient temperature(℃)

    -30~50 (derating for above 40℃)

    Working ambient humidity(%

    <95%,no condensation

    Cooling mode

    Forced air cooling

    IP grade

    Standard IP32 (with other grades customized)

    Operating altitude

    ≤2000m (derating for above 2000m)

    Range of reactive
    power adjustment

    Continuously adjustable from rated capacitive reactive power to rated inductive reactive power

    Times of harmonics filtering

    2~13 times

    Harmonic compensation rate


    Response time


    Allowed voltage swell


    Allowed voltage sag


    Allowed voltage flickering width



    HMI with the function of real-time display

    Intelligent communication

    TCP/IP GPRS Modbus

    Storage, transportation and temperature


    Reliability and life time

    Design life of 20 years

    Electromagnetic compatibility

    Meet GB 7251-2005(GB/T 7261-2000

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