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    Double ball common lightning arrester (lightning connector)

    The double ball lightning arrester (lightning connector) is a non-inductive, low-impedance metallic inner conductor leading off the line, which carries the lightning current to the earth after the lightning, and makes the antenna tower or building protected from side impact and electrification. In most cases, the impact of the electrostatic field cable is less than 1/10 of the tower's impedance, which prevents electrification of the building or tower and eliminates flashover.

    Main technical parameters:

    Product model




    Maximum discharge current(KA)




    The wind strength




    The pin number:




    The weight of the(Kg)




    Maximal coarse(MM





        304 stainless steel

        304 stainless steel

        304 stainless steel

    High total(M)




    The ball diameter(MM)




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