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    Stamping elbow is applied on line corner fitting, it is widely used in actual use, often in construction, machinery, chemical industry, electric power, ships and other industries in the application of elbow can be divided by Angle 45 °, 90 °, 180 ° three forms; According to the radius, it can be divided into short radius and long radius. Different processing technology is needed for the elbow of different materials. Stamping elbow commonly used processing technology has cold extrusion, stamping and thermal push. Due to the relatively good elasticity and toughness of the stamping, the bending head of the stamping material is usually shaped by cold extrusion. The blank of the bending head of the good material is put into the die. After the upper and lower dies are closed, the blank of the stamping elbow is formed along the gap in the die under the thrust action of the hydraulic press. The stainless steel elbow produced by cold pressing of mould has smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy and small error. For cold forming, the hot area where stress relief should be carried out after forming. The appearance inspection of stamping elbow shall be carried out piece by piece, and shall conform to relevant standards. The surface of stamping elbow shall be smooth and free of oxide skin, and there shall be no defect of folding, rolling and parting on the elbow that has a depth greater than 5% of the nominal wall thickness, and the maximum depth shall not be greater than 0.8mm. Mechanical scratches and pits with surface depth of over 12% of nominal wall thickness or greater than 1.6mm should be removed. For carbon steel and austenite stainless steel stamping elbow, 3% of each batch should be extracted and no less than 2 pieces should be tested for hardness. If one piece is unqualified, double inspection should be done. The hardness of alloy steel bend should be tested one by one. Low temperature impact test must be carried out on low temperature steel elbows. Test parts shall be selected from the same batch of base materials, and the final heat treatment state shall be the same as that of the elbows. The surface of the punching elbow should be thoroughly cleaned before painting, until the metal is visible, and the flying edge, burrs, grease and so on can be eliminated clean; Anti-rust paint film should be uniform, no bubble, wrinkle and peeling; And according to different materials separately packed, and moisture-proof measures.
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