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    The insulating joint is a new product which is improved according to the problems of insulating flange in use. It is an essential pressure component in the cathodic protection system of steel pipe. It is widely used in the cathodic protection system of steel pipe. The insulating joint of our company, referring to the structure of foreign products, adopts the unique design, which overcomes the disadvantages such as small rigidity of insulating flange, easy leakage, non-buried ground, short life and so on, and realizes the function of buried ground free of maintenance, making the service life of insulating joint identical with the supporting pipeline.

    (I) quality requirements
    Derive the insulation resistance: 1000 v dc resistance Ω 6 m or higher
    Electric insulation strength: 2500V 50Hz 1 min no breakdown or arcing
    Pressure of hydraulic test: 1.5 times of design pressure
    Air tightness test pressure: equivalent to design pressure
    Non-destructive testing: according to jb4730-94, all butt joints are 100% radiographic, and other pressure welds are 100% magnetic.
    Flange type: API5L standard for flanges
    (ii) technical features
    Specification: DN15 ~ DN1200
    Pressure level: PN1.0 ~ PN20MPa
    Service life: same as pipeline
    Suitable medium: oil, gas, water, chemical raw materials and mineral slurry
    (iii) material features
    The material used for insulation flange | insulation joint meets the following requirements:
    Insulation material: high-strength epoxy resin and glass fiber laminated composite material: ASTM D709 G11.
    The strength of deformation bending: the longitudinal length was greater than or equal to 390MPa and the transverse diameter was greater than or equal to 290MPa
    The tensile strength of the structure: the longitudinal length was greater than or equal to 340MPa and the transverse diameter was greater than or equal to 240MPa
    Compression strength of dielastomer: greater than or equal to 340MPa; water absorption: less than or equal to 30mg
    Left after flooding resistance or 5 x 108 Ω breakdown 35 kv or resistance

    Alloy steel body: 16Mn JB4726; ASTM A694 F52, F60.
    Short diameter: 20# 16Mn gb8163-99
    X70 X65 X60 X56 X52 X46 API xxi.5l.
    ... class = 'class2' > O - or U - shaped sealing ring: rubber fluorine, nitrile - based butadiene rubber, in accordance with ASTM D2000.
    Insulating paint: imported liquid epoxy resin.
    Anticorrosive material: heat-shrinkable anticorrosive material.
    (iv) installation requirements
    Pipe insulated joint should be installed within 50 meters to avoid welding dead mouth.
    Do not lift the pipe within 5 meters of the pipe after the pipe is connected with the insulating connector (flange).
    Pressure test of the insulated connection with the pipe.
    Left after insulation joint and pipeline connection, can claim mouth, anticorrosive operations are not allowed to make the insulation joint surface temperature higher than 120 ℃.
    The insulating joints can be installed on the underground straight pipe section.

    When the insulating joints of the box are installed on the ground, the bracket shall be installed on the straight pipe segment 20 meters away from the elbow and installed.
    Front insulated joint avoid mounting on riser.
    The sleeve flange should be installed in the ground to avoid installation outside the perennial water.

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