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    FMED low voltage full - film capacitor

    With the rapid development of science and technology in power system, rectification and equipment are widely used in frequency conversion and electronics. The harmonic produced by these devices is becoming increasingly serious pollution to power grid. Ordinary capacitors produce resonance when compensating reactive capacitors, which distorts the current and voltage of the system. Cause transformer and electrical equipment damage. The FMED system anti-harmonics capacitor developed by our company is suitable for the occasions where the system has serious harmonic content. It is used in series with the series reactor to form the anti-harmonics circuit, which can suppress the harmonic current, improve the power factor, improve the power quality and enable the equipment to operate normally.

    Main technical parameters (refer to GB/ t12747-2017 IEC60831)

    Rated voltage: 1000V AC and below rated capacity: 1 ~ 100kvar

    Capacity tolerance: -5% ~ +10% loss Angle tangent value: less than 0.05%

    Voltage resistance: 2.15Un 10 seconds between poles, 2Un+2kv 10 seconds between poles

    Phase number and connection: single, three-phase, three-phase Y, three-phase Yn.

    Protection: built in overpressure cut-off isolation device

    Internal discharge device: three minutes after the capacitor is disconnected from the power supply with the dc voltage, the remaining voltage is below 75V.

    Product features

    1. Anti-harmonic capacitor allows over voltage of 1.5un and over current of 2In, much higher than the current national standard.

    2. Low loss of medium, small temperature rise, wide application of products.

    3. It is a suitable product for power quality management, such as filtering device.

    4. High safety and long life, more than 5 times of ordinary products, and safe operation for more than 15 years.

    Product specification

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