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    MKED series low voltage shunt capacitors

    MKED series low pressure parallel self-healing capacitors are made of high temperature-resistant and high quality metallized polypropylene film as raw materials, and imported advanced technology equipment for production and processing. It can reduce reactive power consumption, improve power factor, improve voltage quality and reduce line loss.



          2.運行環境溫度-25℃ ~  +80℃相對濕度不超過90%。








          1. 額定電壓: 0.25kV、0.28kV、0.4kV、0.44kV、0.525kV等。

          2.電容量容差:-5%  ~  10%

          3.損耗角正切: tgδ≦<0.05%< p="">

          4. 極間耐壓: 2.15倍額定電壓5秒,無永久性擊穿或閃絡。

          5.絕緣水平: 極殼加電壓至3kV,歷時10秒無擊穿或閃絡。

          6.最高允許電壓: 1.1倍電壓時,每24小時中不超過8小時; 1.15倍電壓時, 每24小時不超過30分鐘; 1.2倍電壓時,不超過5分鐘(持續) ;1.3倍電壓 時,不超過1分鐘(持續)。

          7.最大允許電流: 允許不超過1.3倍額定電流下運行,考慮到過電壓、電容正 偏差及諧波的影響,過電流不超過1.43倍額定電流。

          8.放電器件: 內置放電電阻,電容器切斷電源后放電3分鐘降壓至50V以下。Environmental conditions

    1. The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters.

    2. Run the environment temperature 25 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃ relative humidity less than 90%.

    3. After the capacitor is removed from the power supply, it is necessary to ensure that the capacitor's remaining voltage drops to 10% of the rated voltage before it is allowed to be put again; In general, this time is about 200 seconds, and all controllers should be equipped with the controller with forced delay after excision, which is not limited to the controller with equipotential switching.

    Product features

    1. The product is divided into three phases and single phase, and the three-phase capacitor is connected internally.

    2. Cylindrical aluminum cans are used for encapsulation

    3. Built-in pressure separation device and discharge resistance, safe and reliable.

    4. There are anti-shock terminals on the top; The bottom is M12 or M16 mounting and earthing bolts.

    Technical parameters

    1. Rated voltage: 0.25kv, 0.28kv, 0.4kv, 0.44kv, 0.525kv, etc.

    2. Capacitance :-5% ~ 10%

    3. Tangent of loss Angle: tg value <0.05%< p=" >"
    4. Interelectrode resistance: 2.15 times rated voltage 5 seconds, no permanent breakdown or flashover.

    5. Insulation level: add voltage to 3kV for 10 seconds without breakdown or flashover.

    6. Maximum permissible voltage: no more than 8 hours per 24 hours at 1.1 times voltage; At 1.15 times voltage, not more than 30 minutes every 24 hours; 1.2 times the voltage, not more than 5 minutes (lasting); At 1.3 times voltage, do not exceed 1 minute.

    7. Maximum permissible current: the current is allowed to run at not more than 1.3 times rated current. Taking into account the effect of overvoltage, positive capacitance deviation and harmonic, the overcurrent shall not exceed 1.43 times rated current.

    8. Discharge device: built-in discharge resistance. The capacitor will discharge for 3 minutes after switching off the power supply, and the voltage will fall below 50V.

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