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    Outdoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker

    Zw20-12 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

    It is mainly composed of zw20a-12 vacuum circuit breaker body on outdoor column, fdr-02 fault detection controller and external voltage transformer. The three parts are connected through air socket and outdoor sealing control cable. With fault detection function, protection control function and communication function, it can reliably judge and detect the milliampere zero sequence current in and out of the boundary line and the fault current of phase-to-phase short circuit, realizing automatic resection of single-phase ground fault and phase-to-phase short circuit fault. Zw20a-12f outdoor column vacuum circuit breaker rated voltage is 12KV, three-phase ac 50Hz outdoor distribution equipment. It adopts vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas as the insulating medium, and the box adopts the gas seal, explosion-proof and insulation structure technology imported from Toshiba corp. Its spring operating mechanism has been miniaturized design, reliability and stability optimization, adopting straight chain main drive and multi-stage tripping system, the motion reliability and stability is several times higher than the traditional spring operating mechanism in China. The contact between the shaft and the sleeve of the main circuit adopts the internal and external tension watch chain structure. The contact resistance of the main circuit is small and the temperature rises low.

    Product introduction
    ZW20A - 12 f outdoor column demarcation on user high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a maintenance free product, is the high-quality goods in boundary between outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, it is our company comprehensive column switch on at home and abroad, the advantages and disadvantages of self developed new products, has the function of fault detection, protection and control and communication function, can reliable judgment, detection limits, and zero sequence current and marginality of milliamperes interphase short circuit fault current, and realize automatic removal of single-phase grounding fault and short-circuit fault.
    The characteristics of
    ZW20 is the difference between the vacuum circuit breaker and the function which can be filled with SF6 gas. ZW20 can be called a ZW20 guard dog. When it comes to watchdog dogs, it's clear that the ZW20 switch and the smart controller are a combination of smart switch systems. Just like a loyal dog partner watching our switch, the data and dynamics immediately reflect. Zw20-12f /630-20, F is short for the border switch.
    So it's easy to tell. Models like zw20a-12f, zw20af-12, zw20b-12f all point to configuration issues with the switch. So when we buy, we just need to be clear about the ZW20 smart circuit breaker, including the ZW20 switch body, the watchdog controller, PT. The big difference is the function of the watchdog. For example, the basic zero - order protection or the need for remote communication. This makes it easy to recognize the ZW20 smart switch.

    Environmental conditions
    1, the ambient air temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃; Temperature differences: daily temperature variation is not more than 25 ℃; According to the nature of SF6 gas material, when the environment temperature to 40 ℃, such as the chamber pressure is 0.05 Mpa, at this time still for gas SF6, guarantee the normal work of the product. (when the environment temperature 40 ℃, gauge pressure is 0.05 Mpa, SF6 liquefaction point for - 55 ℃; Zero pressure table, SF6 liquefaction point not more than 60 ℃).
    2. Wind speed not greater than 35m/s;
    3. Places without inflammable, explosive risk, strong chemical corrosion (such as various acids, bases or smoke, etc.) and violent vibration.
    4, altitude: ≯ 1000 m;
    5. Cover thickness: 10mm;
    6. Air pollution level: grade IV;
    7, seismic intensity: ≯ 8 degrees;
    8. Grid neutral ground mode: neutral point ungrounded, neutral point grounded by arc suppression coil, neutral point grounded by low resistance.

    4.3.4 switch electromagnet coil technical parameters, same switch coil.
    4.4 the current transformer is equipped with one current transformer in phase A and phase C of the circuit breaker, with A ratio of 600/1, for the protection of alternating current.
    4.5 zero-sequence current transformer
    A zero sequence current transformer is configured in the circuit breaker body with a variable ratio of 20/1. It has a good linear relationship in the section of 0.1~5A of zero sequence current. The variation ratio error under rated load (0.1VA) is less than 3%.
    4.6. Operate power supply
    4.6.1 power supply shall be operated when the circuit breaker operates. The operating current can be used for external ac or dc 220V power supply, but it is usually used for external operating power transformer or voltage transformer on 10KV line to obtain 220V ac operating power supply. 4.6.2 the model of external operating power supply game voltage transformer or voltage transformer is selected by the user. It is suggested to select the product with fuse in the user's appearance for convenient installation. If an external operating power transformer or voltage transformer does not carry a fuse, the user shall install an outdoor fuse to protect the external operating power transformer or voltage transformer.

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