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    Outdoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker

    Zw8-12 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker

    The zw8-12 high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is used in three-phase power system of ac 50Hz and rated voltage 12kV, and it is used for dividing and combining load current, overload current and short circuit current. The circuit breaker can be configured with coincidence controller to identify current characteristics and realize multiple automatic reclosing or permanent fault isolation. With PT as power supply, it becomes an intelligent circuit breaker with voltage and current signal output and controllable. The power supply is provided by electronic PT and the three-section compound protection of overcurrent delay, surge delay and short circuit breaking can be completed.

    The characteristics of

    1) the whole structure is a three-phase common box

    2) vacuum arc extinguishing chamber

    3) spring operating mechanism

    4) insulation system

    5) conducting loop

    6) cover and body

    Normal operating condition
    A) the surrounding air temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;
    B) altitude: not more than 2000m;
    C) surrounding air can be polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive gases, steam or salt fog;
    D) wind speed not exceeding 34m/s(equivalent to 700Pa on the surface of the cylinder);
    E) vibration or ground motion from switching equipment and control equipment can be ignored;
    F) pollution level: Ⅲ level.

    2.2 special service condition circuit breakers can be used under different normal service conditions as specified above. At this time, the requirements of the user shall be negotiated with the manufacturer and a consensus shall be reached.

    If the above normal conditions are exceeded, the user shall negotiate with the manufacturer.

    The circuit breaker is composed of operating mechanism, conductive circuit, insulation system, sealing parts and shell. The overall structure is three-pole common box type. The conductive loop is connected with the inlet and outlet conducting bar, rotor/stator conducting plate, conducting clamp and vacuum arc extinguishing chamber. The external insulation is mainly realized through the high-pressure casing. A circuit breaker with a disconnector (see figure 5), with an additional three-pole disconnector (driven by another shaft) in series, is provided with a reliable mechanical interlocking device between the disconnector and the disconnector. When the circuit breaker is in the closing position, the disconnecting switch cannot be operated. When the breaker is in the disengaging position, the disconnecting switch can be operated.

    It is mainly used to open and close the load current, overload current and short circuit current of agricultural network, urban network and small power system. The overall structure of the product is three-phase common box type, the three-phase vacuum arc extinguishing chamber is placed inside the metal box, using SMC insulation materials to phase insulation and ground insulation, reliable performance, high insulation strength. Coincidence type intelligent circuit breaker. The basic type and coincidence controller are suitable for easy access to power; the PT type and coincidence controller are suitable for no-power situations; the intelligent circuit breaker is suitable for radiant power supply and ring network power supply systems, which helps the system eliminate transient faults and automatically restore power supply; it can also isolate permanent faults and realize automatic distribution network.

    Installation and maintenance
    Operation personnel shall have a preliminary understanding of product performance, installation, adjustment and maintenance knowledge, record the problems during operation and notify the manufacturer if necessary.
    The product should be inspected for appearance before installation. Observe whether the insulation sleeve of the product is damaged, whether there is leakage in the dividing indication, energy storage indication, whether there is deformation in the box, etc. After the inspection, the product should be installed on the column with a height of 4m or more. When installing a circuit breaker with an isolation switch, the accuracy of the mechanical interlocking device between the isolation switch and the circuit breaker should be carefully checked.
    Before the product is put into operation, check carefully whether the rated voltage and current of each operating component are consistent with the actual situation. Operate with a mechanism to check for correct action.
    4. All parameters of the circuit breaker have been adjusted at the time of delivery inspection, so the user does not need to start the machine for inspection. After the pressure test is conducted as required, it can be installed.
    The circuit breaker can be set up with one pole or two poles. The circuit breaker should be installed stably and firmly on the special steel frame. The installation diagram is shown in figure 9.
    Product shall be checked regularly to check whether the operation of the circuit breaker is normal. For circuit breakers with disconnecting switch, the disconnecting switch shall be checked twice a year to check whether the mechanical interlock action between the disconnecting switch and the disconnecting switch is normal, and some grease shall be injected into the moving parts.
    7. The desiccant at the bottom of the circuit breaker is the microporous silica gel, which needs to be replaced when its color turns to light yellow. It can also be replaced periodically according to local climatic conditions.

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