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    Outdoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker

    Zw7-40.5 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker 35KV high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

    Zw7-40.5 C outdoor intelligent power station vacuum circuit breaker is three-phase ac 50Hz outdoor high-voltage switch equipment, suitable for control and protection of 35kV transmission system, and also can be used for contact circuit breaker and open and close capacitors.

    The outdoor high voltage switch equipment of 35kV power station type vacuum circuit breaker zw7-40.5 is rated voltage 40.5kv, three-phase ac 50 (60) Hz, which can be used for breaking, closing load current, overload current and short circuit current, widely used in power system of agricultural network. Products comply with gb1984-2003 standard.


    The overall structure of this product is porcelain bottle pillar type, the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber is installed in the upper porcelain bottle, the lower porcelain bottle is the pillar porcelain bottle, the three-phase altogether is installed on a mechanism box, the arc extinguishing chamber dynamic end is connected with the operating mechanism through the arm, the insulation rod. The operation is simple and convenient.
    Zw7-40.5 a 35kV power station type vacuum circuit breaker zw7-40.5 in order to ensure power consumption safety, the height of the bracket can be selected by the user to meet the ground distance of the live body, and the user may not choose the metal bracket to replace the metal bracket with the concrete one.
    Standard bracket height for circuit breaker fitting: 1300mm in the middle; The plateau type is centered at 1200mm.


    Altitude: no higher than 2000m, plateau type no higher than 4000m.
    Environmental height: - 30 ℃ to 40 ℃, low temperature type circuit breaker floor - 50 ℃.
    Relative temperature: the daily average is no more than 2.2kpa and the monthly average is no more than 1.8kpa.
    Earthquake intensity: below magnitude 8.
    According to the user requirements to increase the electrical jumping.
    Wind pressure: no more than 700Pa(equivalent to 34m/s)
    Air polluted degree: ordinary Ⅲ level, special Ⅳ level.
    User can negotiate with manufacturer for use under conditions such as above normal environment specified in GB/ t11022-1999.

    Main functions of xi 'an zw7-40.5 C outdoor intelligent vacuum circuit breaker
    0-band UPS function
    UPS function; Ac power loss can be divided into 50 times or more to ensure normal operation within 48 hours.
    Time limit protection function
    The time limit protection mode is conducted in accordance with the traditional three-phase current protection mode (speed limit, speed limit and overcurrent).
    2. Reclosing function
    The function of multiple reclosing can be performed according to the preset number of times.
    3. Hand contact fault function
    When manually closed, failure occurs, the controller is immediately disconnected and not reclosing.
    4 anti-surge function
    When the current is less than the current value set by the user, the user's setting time is delayed to prevent the current. If the current is greater than the current value set by the user, the user's setting time is not prevented.
    5 operating functions
    The coincidence unit controller provides the operation function of the control panel, the operation function of the remote control and the operation function of remote control and remote host.
    6 communication function
    The product can communicate with mobile phone to realize remote control. Thereby realize telemetry, telecontrol, telecontrol, telecontrol four remote functions.
    7 LCD display function
    Provide intuitive parameters for setting, setting and viewing of products.
    8 event recording function
    Record 255 recent events

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