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    Outdoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker

    Zw43-12 column vacuum breaker

    Zw43-12 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is outdoor high-voltage switch equipment with rated voltage of 12kV and three-phase ac of 50Hz. It is mainly used to switch on and off load current, overload current and short circuit current of power system. It is suitable for the protection and control of substation, industrial and mining enterprises and urban and rural power distribution network, especially for the automatic power distribution network with frequent operation. Meet the following standards: GB/T1984 hvac circuit breaker, GB/T11022 common technical requirements for standards of hvac switchgear and control equipment, and DI402 ordering technical conditions of hvac circuit breaker)

    1. Energy storage process
    Pull mechanism manual energy storage ring, or give mechanism electric energy storage signal, motor drive energy storage arm to energy storage spring energy storage, through energy storage maintenance link to maintain this energy.
    2. Closing process
    When closing, pull the agency manual closing the TAB or electric switching signal to institutions, closing spring energy release, output shaft rotation, through the turn arm, connecting rod drives the arcing chamber dynamic contact upward movement, and the static contact contact, and provide the contact pressure, at the same time for break-brake spring energy storage, through the agency of closing to maintain normal hooking keep circuit breaker closing state.
    3. Tripping process
    Under the action of the contact pressure spring and the release spring, the output shaft of the mechanism turns reversely. The contact head of the arc extinguishing chamber moves downward through the connecting rod and the arm. The static contact is separated and the circuit breaker is broken. Open state point switch open spring hold.
    4. Flow protection process
    When the current flowing through the main circuit of the circuit breaker exceeds the rating of the transformer, 5A current is generated from the side of the transformer. The over-current tripping device inside the driving mechanism and the circuit breaker is broken.

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