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    Indoor high voltage electrical components

    Zn23-40.5 series indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

    Zn23-40.5 series indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor device with three-phase ac 50Hz and rated voltage of 40.5kV, equipped with CT19 spring operating mechanism. The products are divided into two types: stationary and mobile. The stationary type is used in the configuration of xgn17-40.5 box high voltage switchgear; Hand car type configuration is used in jyn1-40.5 hand car in jyn-40.5 movable metal closed switch cabinet or GBC high pressure switch cabinet, or can be configured in kyn10-40.5 hand car in kyn10-40.5 assembled metal closed switch cabinet.
    This series of products have high technical parameters, strong breaking ability, reliable movement, stable performance, long life, simple maintenance, and no explosion risk and pollution, and are used for the control of industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations, and can be used for frequent operating places, or for special occasions such as capacitor Banks.
    Using the environment
    1, ambient air temperature: cap + 40 ℃, the minimum - 10 ℃, cold area - 25 ℃;
    2. Altitude: 1000m;
    3. Relative humidity: the daily average is no more than 95%; Monthly average is no more than 90%; (+ 25 ℃); Saturated steam pressure: the daily average is no more than 2.2x10-3mpa, and the monthly average is no more than 1.8x10-3mpa
    4. Zhenfu: the seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
    5. Not applicable to places with inflammable, explosive hazard, chemical corrosion and violent shaking.

    Technical parameters

    serial number project unit parameter
    1 The rated voltage kV 40.5
    2 Rated current A 1250 1600 2000
    3 Rated short circuit breaking current kA 25 31.5
    4 Dynamic stable current (peak) kA 63 80
    5 4s thermostable current kA 25 31.5
    6 Rated short circuit closing current (peak) kA 63 80
    7 Rated short circuit current breaking times A 20
    8 Rated operation sequence Score -0.3s- composite score -180s- composite score
    9 Rated operating frequency Hz 50
    10 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (full wave) kV 185
    11 1min working frequency withstand voltage kV 95
    12 Closing time ms ≤75
    13 Break-brake time ms ≤60
    14 Mechanical life 10000
    15 Rated working voltage V AC DC110 AC DC 220

    Major mechanical adjustment parameters

    serial number project unit parameter
    1 Contact from mm 25±3
    2 Contact trip mm 8±2
    3 Average closing speed m/s 0.6~0.9
    4 Average gate speed kA 1.8~2.2
    5 The three phases are not congruent ms ≤2
    6 Bounce time of contact closing ms ≤3
    7 Oil buffer stroke mm 15±1
    8 Contact allows for cumulative wear thickness mm 3
    9 Resistance of each phase loop μΩ ≤50

    Figure and installation dimensions


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