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    Taiwan CNC grinder characteristics:
    Design of independent hydraulic system for CNC grinder in Taiwan
    Single-cylinder drive, with the design of independent hydraulic system, makes the working table 7-25m/min adjustable speed and low vibration characteristics of multi-section, suitable for a variety of purposes of processing, the selection of high-quality Japanese oil seals, to ensure smooth sliding and service life.
    Taiwan CNC grinder has fully supported workbench hard rail structure.
    The workbench adopts fully supported hard rail structure, with Turcite - B and manual shovel scraper to ensure that the workbench reduces damping coefficient under load and ensures smooth operation and grinding accuracy of the workbench.
    High rigidity casting body
    High-grade cast iron is used in the main frame, worktable, sliding seat, column and head of the machine. Through finite element analysis and calculation, the engineering requirements of rigidity multiplication and quality are achieved. Each casting is treated by internal stress elimination to ensure long-term non-deformation, excellent bending and torsion stress, and to ensure machine tool length. Precision of time.
    The spindle of Taiwan CNC grinder
    Every spindle of our company is developed and manufactured by our own factory, Jiande, Taiwan. It can be assembled in the temperature control and dust-free workshop from the raw material of the outside pipe to the assembly (except for the imported bearings). It is precisely because the spindle is less affected by temperature change, low noise and no vibration under such strict production conditions, and can be provided for many years. Service without problems. The machine is designed with elastic spindle, CP4 precision diagonal ball bearing, V3 low vibration motor and dynamic balance, and installed on the nose base to ensure that the spindle deflection is far below 0.002mm.
    Automatic lubrication system
    The lubrication system is equipped with self-testing function. When the liquid level in the oil tank is lowered to the set position, the liquid level switch gives an alarm.
    electric control system
    Professional design of electrical control system, in line with CE safety requirements, the use of internationally renowned brands of electrical components, reliable work, low noise, small vibration, reliable guarantee of high precision grinding needs.
    Graphic operation panel
    The operation panel box adopts fixed design, and the control is completely concentrated on the operation panel, which conforms to ergonomics; the operation panel layout design has obvious functions and is easy to learn.
    Taiwan CNC grinding machine standard PLC electrical control system (WM)
    LCD touch screen, soft key panel, the grinding conditions set at a glance, touch screen set a variety of grinding methods, simple and convenient operation. Easy to learn and understand, without professional training, its parameters are stored in Flash RAM memory, no power outage loss of data problems.
    Splash proof wallboard (optional)
    The rear of the machine can be equipped with anti-splash wall board, which can effectively shield the grinding water and iron scraps from splashing to the rear of the machine, not only to maintain the cleanliness of the machine, but also to avoid the grinding fluid spraying into the slideway of the machine to ensure the life and accuracy of the machine.
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