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    Export products

    Industrial valves
    Gate valve
    Globe valve
    Check valve
    Ball valve
    Butterfly valve
    Plug valve
    Other type valves
    Metal Accessory
    Valve parts
    Pipe fitting
    Other metal parts
    Mechanical machining equipment
    Plain Lathe
    CNC lathe
    Drilling machine
    Vertical lathe
    Boring machine
    Milling machine
    Grinding machine
    Machining center
    Other machining equipment
    Power equipment
    High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device
    TBB High voltage automatic reactive power compensation unit
    High and low voltage electrical equipment
    Voltage transformer
    Other type Power equipment
    Electrical components
    Indoor high voltage electrical components
    Outdoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker
    Voltage and current transformer
    Electrical condenser
    Lightning protector
    Other electrical components
    Other products

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    Pipe fitting

    Rubber joint

    Soft rubber joints are commonly known as flexible rubber joints, rubber joints, its products are widely used in water, electricity, chemicals, mooring systems, the main performance of high pressure, good elasticity (axial and lateral angular displacement) noise reduction, light weight, vibration reduction, easy installation, flexible use, easy to remove and repair, at the same time with acid resistance, good elasticity Alkali resistant and oil resistant.
    The product is naturally resistant to weather changes during its use and extends automatically. The structural material is made of impregnated nylon cord fabric with high strength and anti-aging polar rubber material inside and outside. In order to prevent the product from shrinking naturally in long-term use and reduce aging and rupture, the mesh steel wire is used for multiple protection.
    1. Rubber (NR) is mainly composed of rubber hydrocarbons (polyisoprene), containing a small amount of protein, water, resin acids, sugars and inorganic salts. Elasticity, high tensile strength, tear resistance and electrical insulation, good wear resistance and drought resistance, good processability, easy to bond with other materials, in the comprehensive performance is superior to most synthetic rubber. The disadvantages are poor oxygen and ozone resistance, easy aging and deterioration; poor oil and solvent resistance, low acid and alkali corrosion resistance; low heat resistance. The temperature range is about 60 C ~+80 C. Make insulation, sheath and general products for tyres, rubber shoes, hose, tape, wire and cable. Especially suitable for manufacturing engine shock absorbers, machine bearings, rubber-metal suspension components, diaphragms, molded products.
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