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    ZHEJIANG SHENGYUAN IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD. is located in the center city of manufacturing industry - Wenzhou, China. We focus on providing high quality and high price Chinese product solutions for foreign customers. At the same time, we also introduce high quality and high price foreign products to China; the company adjoins Shanghai port and Ningbo port, which makes our import and export more convenient;

    Our customer service concept:Professional, efficient, intimate, one-stop service, to maximize customer satisfaction, and establish long-term, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation relationship with customers.

    At present, our main export products are as follows:
    1)Industrial valve: Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Ball valve, Butterfly valve, Plug valve, Strainer etc.
    2)Metal accessory: Valve accessory, Fasteners, Pipe Fittings etc.
    3)Mechanical machining equipment: Plain Lathe, CNC lathe, Drilling machine, Vertical lathe, Boring machine, Milling machine, Grinding machine, Machining center etc.
    4)Power equipment: Reactor, High Voltage static dynamic reactive Power compensation and filter device, TBB High voltage automatic reactive power compensation unit, High and low voltage electrical equipment, voltage transformer, Discharge coil etc.
    5)Electrical components: Outdoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker, Indoor high voltage electrical components, voltage and current transformer, Electrical condenser, lightning protector etc.
    6)Other products;

    In order to ensure the quality of the products, we firmly grasp the raw material testing and control of the products, establish their own metal materials testing laboratory, laboratory equipment, including spectrometer, impact test equipment, cryogenic box, hardness meter, metallographic microscope, etc.

    In order to better serve our customers, we are looking for partners and agents all over the world.

    We are always ready to provide you with satisfactory products and services.



    Integrity, learning, competition, sharing, teamwork, innovation and excellence.





    Treat customers well, customers first, provide customers with satisfactory and super value product solutions;
    Treat employees well, people-oriented, make the best use of talents and create a shared future;
    We should be kind to suppliers, strengthen communication and cooperate sincerely to achieve long-term win-win results.


    According to different customers' different routes, we need to provide high quality and efficient freight forwarders. Among them are express highway transportation, international shipping, international air transportation, air and sea intermodal transportation, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing and other services.

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