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    One station integrated supply chain solution

    For customers to save costs and provide value-added services,
    establish long-term mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation relationship.



    international trade service
    One-stop service for international trade

    —— SOLUTION ——

    • Offer

      We provide customers with a complete and comprehensive pricing solution
    • Purchase

      We provide customers with a complete and comprehensive procurement solution to achieve a one-stop service
    • Inspection

      We will carried out necessary inspection for all the purchased products, the products will be released after we confirm the products are qualified.
    • Delivery

      We will organize and coordinate the delivery of goods as required by our customers.
    • After sale

      We will provide after-sales service according to the contract.

    To ensure the quality of the products supplied by the company,
    We pay close attention to the inspection and control of raw materials and
    set up our own metal material testing laboratory.

    —— Why choose us ——

    —— Main products ——

    Export products / Imported products

    We focus on providing high quality and high priced Chinese products solutions for foreign customers. We also introduce high-quality and high priced foreign products to China; We are always ready
    to provide you with satisfactory products and services.

    Who we are

    ZHEJIANG SHENGYUAN IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD. is located in the center city of manufacturing industry - Wenzhou, China. We focus on providing high quality and high price Chinese product solutions for foreign customers. At the same time, we also introduce high quality and high price foreign products to China; the company adjoins Shanghai port and Ningbo port, which makes our import and export more convenient;

    At present, our main export products are as follows:
    1, industrial valves: gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, stopcocks, filters, etc.
    2, metal fittings: valve fittings, fasteners, fittings, etc.;
    3, machining equipment: ordinary lathe, CNC lathe, drilling machine, vertical lathe, boring machine, milling machine, grinder, machining center
    4, electric equipment: reactor equipment, high voltage static dynamic reactive compensation and filter device...



    International Freight

    According to different customers' different routes, we need to provide high quality and efficient freight forwarders. Among them are express highway transportation, international shipping, international air transportation, air and sea intermodal transportation, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing and other services.

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